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We are now Japanese Cafe!
JANKEN Japanese Restaurant has changed to Japanese Cafe JANKEN since July 2022.

Don't worry! We still serve the same delicious Japanese menu as before.
And now we've added organic coffee, Japanese-style breakfast and

sweets with a Japanese twist - there's plenty more to tempt you.

All our menus are No Added Gluten and Daily-Free! (except milk for coffee)

Available for...   

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner (only Saturday night!!)

Takeaway, Catering, Private Function (feel free to contact us! )

Coffee, Japanese Tea, Sake, Wine, Beer

Vegan Cake, Yummy Desserts,

and Cozy & Happy Space!

See Our Menu
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Want to share the benefits of Japanese diet

Fermented foods such as Miso, soy sauce and Mirin have been used extensively on Japanese tables for centuries. Not only are they good for you, but cooking with them increases the umami of the ingredients and improves their preservation. We want to bring you dishes that make use of such traditional Japanese wisdom.


The key points of we value...

Fresh, In-season, Local 
In-season produce contains the nutrients our bodies need at that time of year. We also take great pride in using local produce whenever possible.

Dinner is back on Saturday Nights!

We have reopened for dinner on Saturday evenings. However, as we are still short of staff we are only open to customers with reservations.
We kindly ask you to make your booking by 3pm on Saturday.

We will also continue to be open for takeaways on Friday nights, but only for orders placed before 3am on the same day.

We urge you to pre-order by 3pm if you would like.

Booking & Pre-order   ☞ 09-360-0555



Need Catering?

We can cater for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner (except Fridays) according to your requirements.

In the near future as possible, we would like to offer ”Sustainable Catering”, not just takeaway.

We would be delighted to add colour to your special occasion with our food. Please feel free to contact us first!

☞ 09-360-0555

photo by Taisei Hayashi & Team JANKEN
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