What is Setsubun and Ehomaki?

In Japan, 3 February is the day of the seasonal festival called ”Setsubun”. It is customary to throw soy beans. called "Mame Maki" , on Setsubun in the hope of bringing good luck into the house and throwing misfortune out of the house.

It is also customary to eat thick sushi rolls, called Ehomaki, facing in Eho, that is the direction of the year's good fortune. When you eat Ehomaki, you need to finish the whole roll without cutting it, in silence with closed eyes as well. Actually, it's quite a challenge! Ha ha ha

Eho changes every year, and this year’s Eho is North northwest.

On the 3rd of February, we will be serving Ehomaki by pre order only. Ehomaki is said to be good luck when eaten wrapped with 7 ingredients, so we are making ours with 7 carefully selected items. Basically, it is served uncut, but can be cut into halves or 8 pieces.

Kaisen EhoMaki $20

 fresh salmon, seasoned fresh kingfish, Tamagoyaki(egg cake), avocado, cucumber, seasoned Shiitake

mushroom, pickled ginger

Vegan Ehomaki $20

Tofu steak with BBQ sauce, Inari Tofu, avocado, cucumber, seasoned Shiitake mushroom, capsicum,


You can also order "Your Own Ehomaki", made with your choice of items inside.

For more information, please visit the online-order section of our website.

Let's eat Ehomaki with a wish for a good year ahead!